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Natural Resource Management Seminar Series: RAD Framework

UH Hilo Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science Natural Resource Management Seminar Series presents, "Embracing Change in the Anthropocene: From Stationarity to Directed Ecological Communities. Puʻuwaʻawaʻa Management as Seen Through the RAD Framework" with Dr. Elliott Parsons, affiliate faculty for TCBES.

In the last 122 years, western scientific ideas of what constitutes an ecological community and whether communities change predictably through time have been debated vigorously. The work of early ecologists Cowles, Clements, Gleason, and Tansley created the foundations of our current understanding of communities and ecosystems. And due to this legacy, ecologists have largely operated on the assumption that ecosystems can be understood as relatively stationary entities that fluctuate within predictable levels of biotic and abiotic variation. This assumption of equilibrium conditions has permeated the field and can be seen within the ideas of ecological succession, carrying capacity, the diversity-stability debate, Island-biogeography, conservation biology, disturbance ecology, and even climate adaptation (e.g., resistance & resilience). Climate change and invasive species, however, challenge the stationary paradigm, and a new NPS Framework called Resist-Accept-Direct (RAD) empowers managers to clarify their approach to the onslaught of global changes that will magnify in the coming decades. In this talk, I will discuss the historical background of this shift as well as our management work at Puʻuwaʻawaʻa in the context of RAD. I will touch on challenges faced, lessons learned, the role of science, and how we are working with local communities to benefit the wellbeing of both the human communities of Hawaiʻi as well as our rich endemic biodiversity.

Seminars are streamed over zoom. All are welcome!

For more information, contact: (808) 932-7571

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