Ka Lama Ku Conference & Awards 2022 - Event Details

This event has concluded and is no longer current.

This event has concluded and is no longer current.

Ka Lama Ku Conference & Awards 2022

Location: CC 301 & Zoom

Aloha Vulcans!

Join the Ka Lama Ku Student Leadership Development Program for our annual Student Leadership Conference. The Ka Lama Ku Conference is designed to provide an opportunity for students and the community to come together to explore leadership through a single theme.

The theme for this year’s conference is, E ʻAu I Ke Kai Uli: Navigating Through Unknown Waters.

The term "E ʻAu I Ke Kai Uli" literally translates to swimming in the deep, dark waters. When looking at the word "Uli", metaphorically speaking, we can see that 1) being the dark depths of the ocean is the unknown. There is hardly any light down there for one to see; and 2) "Uli" also means to steer or a steersman of the canoe, we see the term "hoe uli" in which is the steering paddle of migrating canoes navigating through vast ocean depths and storms.At this year's conference we seek to explore self leadership and how to prepare yourself to navigate the known.

Date: April 8, 2022 9:00am-3:30pm
Location: Zoom & Campus Center 301

This event is open to all UH Hilo students, though registration priority will be given to UH Hilo students who have paid the Campus Center Fee. If you have not paid the Campus Center Fee, please still sign up, and we will fill open seats on a first-come, first-served basis. We have the availability for 20 students to attend in person. Sign-ups will be done on a first come, first served basis. Students interested in attending in person and virtually will need to sign up using the link below.

Conference Sign Up: Sign up for the Conference here: forms.gle/YytVk3pfvknc93vM6

This year we will have the opportunity to honor our UH Hilo students in their formal and informal leadership roles from 1- 2pm as we reveal who has been selected for this year's Ka Lama Ku Awards.

2022 Conference Schedule: go.hawaii.edu/GFx

For questions and to sign up, please contact Maile Boggeln at boggeln@hawaii.edu.

Special Restrictions: Pre - Sign up Required. If attending in person, student must adhere to all covid-19 guidelines.

For more information, contact: boggeln@hawaii.edu (808) 932-7796

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