Natural Resource Management Seminar Series: Maunakea Steward - Event Details

This event has concluded and is no longer current.

This event is being held online. Passcode: steward

Natural Resource Management Seminar Series: Maunakea Steward

Location: Zoom

The University of Hawai'i at Hilo Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science Natural Resource Management Seminar Series Presents, "Stewardship of the UH Management Area on Maunakea" with Jessica (Jess) Kirkpatrick, Natural Resource Specialist for the UH Hilo Center for Maunakea Stewardship (Previously the Office of Maunakea Management).

Abstract: The University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo, Center for Maunakea Stewardship (CMS, previously known as the Office of Maunakea Management [OMKM]) is the entity responsible for stewarding ~12,000 acres on Maunakea. Maunakea is regarded with reverence by the people of Hawaiʻi and the world, who may visit the mauna for a variety of reasons including sight-seeing, hiking, snowplay, hunting, cultural practices, and scientific research. Land managers are tasked with balancing these multiple uses on the mauna while protecting its resources, ensuring public safety, engaging with the community, and carrying out management in a pono way that respects Maunakea and the people of Hawaiʻi. Various management plans guide stewardship, and the protection of Natural Resources in particular is guided by the Natural Resource Management Plan, a sub-plan to the Comprehensive Management Plan. The Natural Resource (NR) Program was established in 2012 and has made significant strides in understanding the natural resources, monitoring resources, engaging with the community, and establishing long-term datasets. A top priority in the NR program is invasive species management. From inspections of large equipment and trucks to rapidly responding when a new invasive species is detected, we have the most robust invasive species management program in the State. The NR program is also involved in various kinds of research projects, conducts native plant restoration activities, and engages with the community through outreach and volunteer weed pull events.

The seminar will be held over zoom. All are welcome!

For more information, contact: (808) 932-7573

This event is awaiting approval from the Events Coordinators.

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