Research Seminar Series: Groundwater-fed anchialine pools - Event Details

This event has concluded and is no longer current.

This event is being held online. Passcode: anchialine

Research Seminar Series: Groundwater-fed anchialine pools

Location: Zoom

UH Hilo Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science Graduate Program Research Seminar Series presents, "Assessing the response of groundwater-fed anchialine pool ecosystems to sea level rise on the island of Hawaiʻi" with Lisa Marrack, PhD, Affiliate Researcher: UH Hilo Marine Ecosystem Research Program Instructor, & Science Chair: Santa Catalina School State University.

Groundwater-fed anchialine pools are tidally influenced coastal habitats that connect underground to the ocean through porous substrate. Hawaiian anchialine pools support endemic and endangered species of crustaceans, damselflies, birds, and gastropods. Introduced fishes, destructive land use, water pollution and withdrawal, and senescence fueled by introduced vegetation destroy or degrade pools – these threats may be exacerbated by sea level rise. Predictions of future anchialine habitat location and condition were mapped for West Hawai'i at intervals between 2018 and 2080. Flood models incorporated field surveys of over 450 anchialine pools, in-situ measurements of groundwater levels, and estimates of flood magnitude and frequency that include probabilistic projections of future sea levels in the region. Combining groundwater and ocean levels in flood frequency projections enabled us to determine where future habitats will emerge, where current habitats will be lost, and where risks such as invasive fishes may spread as waters rise. Although 80% of the 509 current pools will be lost by 2080, over 1,000 new pools are projected to form inland. As flooding increases, introduced fish will disperse into new habitat unless action is taken to restore priority pools before they become connected. Managers, planners, and coastal community members are working to protect and restore pool ecosystems. A web-based decision support tool has been developed to visualize and incorporate future sea level risk to coastal ecosystems into their plans and actions.

Seminars are now streamed over zoom. All are welcome!

For more information, contact: (808) 932-7573

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