$30,000 in summer stipends for CoBE and CAFNRM students - Announcement Details

This announcement has concluded and is no longer current.

This announcement has concluded and is no longer current.

$30,000 in summer stipends for CoBE and CAFNRM students

Students in the College of Business and Economics and the College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Natural Resources Management will get help with summer expenses thanks to the James P.D. Thropp, Jr. Endowment . In a time when we are experiencing anxiety and uncertainty, CAFNRM and CoBE students can get a little help toward staying on track or getting ahead over the summer.

The first 8 students to register and pay for each summer course in CoBE will each get a $200 stipend toward living expenses. CoBE will offer BUS 100 Intro to Business, BUS 110 Freshman Business Experience, ECON 130 Intro to Microeconomics, ECON 131 Intro to Macroeconomics, MGT 300 Management, Orgs, & Human Behavior, MGT 394 Strategic Leadership, MKT 310 Principles of Marketing, MKT 394 Retail & Distribution, and QBA 394 Social Media & Text Analysis.

The first 20 students to register and pay for AERS 101 Elementary Pilot Operations 1 or for AERS 102 Elementary Pilot Operations 2 will each get a $200 stipend. The first 40 students to register for ANSC 141 Introduction to Animal Science will get a $200 stipend.

* Awardees must be declared as pursuing a major, minor, or certificate in the college in which the course is offered, CAFNRM or CoBE respectively.
* Awardees must have a minimum 2.0 college GPA. Students who do not have a college record must have a minimum 3.0 high school GPA.
* Awardees may receive up to two $200 stipends per summer term. For example, if a student is among the first 8 to register and pay for MGT 300 and for QBA 394, that student will receive $400 for the first term of summer session.
* CoBE awardees will be selected by the CoBE Student and Alumni Relations Committee. CAFNRM awardees will be selected by the CAFNRM Financial Aid Committee. Committee decisions are final._

The late James P.D. Thropp, Jr., BBA ’87, established scholarship funds benefiting students at his alma mater, UH Hilo. Thropp’s sister, Nancy Skelsey, says that the classes he took while a business student at UH Hilo provided him knowledge which he applied to his hobby: the stock market. Skelsey describes her brother as a smart, thoughtful and caring man who worked in the sugar industry throughout Hawai‘i as a soil agronomist. “I know all the recipients will appreciate Jim’s scholarships and be inspired to study, work hard and hopefully all have good, full lives,” she said.

Special Restrictions: Students seeking a major, minor, or certificate in CAFNRM or CoBE

For more information, contact: cobeuhh@hawaii.edu (808) 932-7272

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