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This event has concluded and is no longer current.

This event has concluded and is no longer current.

Diagnostic Accuracy of Coral Health Survey Methods

Location: Wentworth 1

Speaker: Dr. Grady Weyenberg, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, UH at Hilo

Abstract: Recent advances in technology have made possible new methods of surveying coral reef health. Instead of time-consuming SCUBA-based field surveys, researchers can quickly obtain high resolution imagery of the sea floor, possibly even using remotely operated or autonomous vehicles. These images can be used to create 3D computer models and orthomosaics of the benthic habitat, and the corals seen in the images can be "digitally" surveyed in a similar method to the traditional "in-situ" methods. Here we present the results of a comparison of the diagnostic properties of the two survey methods. Corals are surveyed using both methods but no gold standard diagnosis is available, so a Bayesian latent class model is used to jointly estimate the sensitivity and specificity of both tests. The in-situ method is estimated to have a modestly higher sensitivity and a slightly lower specificity than the digital approach, but both methods are estimated to fail to recognize a sizable proportion of existing disease. All are welcome!

For more information, contact: uhhtcbes@hawaii.edu (808) 932-7573

Tags: tcbes seminar conservation mathematics weyenberg science coral

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