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This event has concluded and is no longer current.

What's up on Maunakea? Insects and ecosystems of the Mauna

Location: UH Hilo Science & Technology Building (STB) Room #108

Arthropods (insects, spiders, centipedes, etc.) are the most diverse group of terrestrial animals and lynch-pins connecting nutrient cycling between plants, herbivores, carnivores and detritivores. On Maunakea, unique species have evolved and adapted over hundreds of thousands of years of "mountain-shaping" geological and climatological changes. Hundreds of insect species have been collected and identified during a 5-year baseline arthropod biodiversity assessment in the UH Maunakea Science Reserve.

The amazing stories of insects and the world we share assists with real-time ecosystem conservation planning on Maunakea.

For more information, contact: fklasner@hawaii.edu (808) 933-0734

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What's up on Maunakea? Insects and ecosystems of the Mauna


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