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This event has concluded and is no longer current.

2016 History Senior Symposium

Location: UCB 115

The annual History Senior Symposium marks the culmination of our history majors' journey toward graduation. The seniors enrolled in this course have spent at least a year immersed in the research for their senior thesis paper -- a 30+ page paper meant to draw upon their preparatory course work in their focus area and methods courses, as they apply their skills in research, analysis, and communication (written and verbal) of an historical topic of their choosing. The formal senior thesis journey begins in the fall semester in "HIST 490: Historiography & Research Methods", and then culminates in the spring semester in "HIST 491: Senior Thesis" -- leading to the symposium.

A variety of topics are presented each year. This is a result of our students being able to focus their history degree on one of five regional areas: E. Asia, Europe, Hawai'i, Pacific, or U.S. The symposium is open to all.

For more information, contact: inglis@hawaii.edu (808) 932-7122

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