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This event has concluded and is no longer current.

This event has concluded and is no longer current.

Gongfuball Fun Day and Tournament

Location: UH HILO Soccer FIeld

Calling all UH Hilo students The Gongfuball Collegiate Society Registered Independent Student Organization is hosting a mini Gongfuball tournament with cool prizes, featuring soccer/ tag football November 29th on the UH HILO soccer field; event from 10am-2pm Gongfuball is the new sport that mixes martial arts techniques with contemporary sports such as football, soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, and more!

Open to all students, the day will start with fun team building activities, followed by a free Gongfuball clinic, and then the Gongfuball style soccer/ tag football tournament. There will be participation prizes and a separate prize for the winning team. For more information contact Steve M. at gongfuball@gmail.com

For more information, contact: gongfuball@gmail.com 8087472844

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