Apr 062017
Climate change research at UH Hilo: Monitoring the coasts for signs of erosion and planning ahead

Researchers are using small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to capture images of coastal areas across hundreds of acres—the aim is to try to make accurate predictions on how the rise in sea level will affect the coast and what that entails for communities and the county in regard to planning.

Apr 052017
UH Hilo students receive awards at the 5th Annual Hawai‘i Sustainability in Higher Education Summit

A delegation of 12 from UH Hilo attended the annual sustainability summit on O‘ahu; two students returned home with prestigious awards for their sustainability work on campus.

Mar 032017
International group meets at UH Hilo to discuss expansion of indigenous language immersion programs

There was record attendance at this year’s He ʻŌlelo Ola Hilo Field Study—the majority native peoples or those working with endangered native languages—from Okinawa, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Alaska, Minnesota, New Mexico and other U.S. states.