PHOTOS: 2019 UH Hilo International Nights

See the shows. See the world.

Taishoji Taiko (Japan) opened this year’s International Nights with “Akatsuki,” on Feb. 22 at the Performing Arts Center, UH Hilo. Photos by Bob Douglas, click to enlarge.

Each year the International Student Association at the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo produces shows that feature performances from the many different cultures and countries represented at the university. International Nights is a long-standing tradition at UH Hilo that spans over four decades, and is a favorite event on campus among students, the community, and visitors. Performers volunteer their time and do not get paid for their time and effort in preparing for and executing their performances—a testament to the willingness of UH Hilo’s international students to share their cultures with others.

This year’s International Nights were held on Feb. 22 & 23.

Photos by Bob Douglas, click to enlarge.

FRIDAY, FEB. 22, 2019


Taishoji Taiko (Japan)



Native American
“Hoop Dance”

Woman dancing with hoops.


Korea Treasure (Korea)
“Korea Traditional Dance & K-Pop”

Modern dancers in street clothes.


Bayanihan Club (Phillipines)

Two women doing traditional Philippine folk dance with candles.


Performing Arts Club (USA)
“For the Love of Musicals”

Woman singing


Kosrae Hilo Organization (Kosrae, FSM)
“Traditional Stick Dance & Women’s Chant”

Male Kosrae dancers in grass dress with sticks


Melanin Magic (Africa)
“Modern African Dance”

Dancers doing modern/African dance


Tupulaga O Samoa Mo A Taeao (Samoa)
“O le olaga faʻasamoa”

Single woman dancer dancing.


SATURDAY, FEB. 23, 2019


Puna Taiko (Japan)
“Hiryu-Issho Medley / Yodan Uchi”



India Music Hawaiʻi (South Asia)
“Raga Jinhoti”

Couple dancing, man bows to woman.


Hawaiʻi Irish Dance (Ireland)
“Irish Rock Celebration!”

Group of female Irish dancers in traditional dress., with flags.


Ngelekeil Belau (Palau)
“Palauan Contemporary Dance”

Palau dancers in blue, ti skirt at waist.


Big Island Kiribati Club (Kiribati)

Solo woman dancing, grass dress.


Big Island Desi (India)
“Bollywood Fusion”

Solo woman, traditional Indian dress, striking pose.


Fije Meke Group (Fiji)
“Mekw Vakaviti (Fijian Dance)”

Fijian dancers in traditional dress.


Marshallese Iakwe Club (Marshall Islands)
“Biit Dance”

Group dance


About the photographer: Bob Douglas is a local artist, photographer, and sometimes part-time student who volunteers his photography skills to the Office of the Chancellor and UH Hilo Stories.