PRESENTATION: Mapping change at Maunakea summit, with geographer Ryan Perroy, April 26

Over the past five years, Associate Professor Ryan Perroy and UH Hilo students compiled topographic data to determine erosion rates and spatial patterns across the upper summit region. 

Two people doing research atop Maunakea, with equipment.
Mapping activity on Maunakea.
Ryan Perroy
Ryan Perroy

PRESENTATION: Mapping change at the Maunakea summit
SPEAKER: Ryan Perroy, Associate Professor of Geography, University of Hawaii at Hilo.
DATE/TIME: April 26, 2018, 7:00 p.m.
PLACE: Wentworth Hall, room 1, UH Hilo (campus map).

Free and open to the public. On-campus parking is open and available without charge after 4:00 pm.

This presentation is part of the Maunakea Speaker Series sponsored by the Office of Maunakea Management.


Over the past five years Associate Professor Ryan Perroy and UH Hilo students compiled a time-series of high resolution topographic datasets to determine erosion rates and spatial patterns of geomorphic change across the upper summit region. These efforts included terrestrial laser scanning, repeat flights of small unmanned aerial systems, ground photography, and traditional surveying measures via total station and differential GPS. This talk will share some of the results of this work.

Perroy is director of the Spatial Data Analysis and Visualization Laboratories.

About the Maunakea Speaker Series

The Maunakea Speaker Series is a monthly scholar-focused presentation series offered through partnership of the Office of Maunakea Management, ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center, and the UH Hilo Department of Physics and Astronomy. The collaborative venture gives the community unprecedented access to research taking place on Maunakea and other topics unique to the island of Hawai’i. A venue for scholars to share their stories and learn from discussion, the series promotes understanding and collaboration across all sectors of the community, while addressing the goals of UH Hilo.

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