Women's March 2019

Photos and Captions Courtesy of Staff Photographer Leah Wyzykowski

People of all ages and backgrounds came out to celebrate the 2019 Women’s March in Downtown Hilo

The march’s route was approximately 1.3 miles and began at the Hilo State Building, turned right down Pauahi Street then turned left to Kamehameha Avenue, then right onto Ponahawai Street, right on Kilauea Avenue then straight back to the State Building.

(From left to right) Celeste Sweezey, Arlene Buklarewicz, Hercules and Dianna Greetan pose with their march sign.

Many participants of the march sported these these pink hats to show support and empowerment for women including, (from left to right) Christi Jean Donnelly, Tiffany Tang, Judy Tang, and Emily Lethlean.

LGBTQ rights were another major focus of the Women’s March as seen here with Lea-Carol Glennon (right) and Evelyn DeCourt (left).

Travis Rogers, pictured here, was another avid supporter of LGBTQ rights; easy to spot in the crowd while waving a bright rainbow flag, Travis also marched for disability rights.

While the main topics of the march were women’s and LGBTQ rights, the march also hosted many people supporting other causes.

Azya Martinez, pictured here, marched to bring attention to family separation at the Mexican border.

Many dogs joined the march with their owners, including Pua (pictured here).

Throughout the whole march, waves and shakas were exchanged between marchers and drivers, showing support of gender equality on the island.