Trump Or Nah?

Students have mixed feelings about the 45th president

News Writer Lexi Smiley

Graphics/Comic Artist Tiffany Erickson

kawaii Trump

Rage Trump

“I think that Trump is a bad person, but I also think that he is going to make a good president.” - Freshman Nicole Ramirez

Americans saw a lot of changes in 2016, but for many, the biggest and most shocking of all was the result of presidential election. Mouths of dismayed voters all over the country hit the floor on the night of November 8, when Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States.

Before long, there were protests and riots breaking out all across the country, as anti-Trump voices supporters unleashed their anger toward their president-elect. On the other hand, for the millions who did vote for Trump, there was unsurprisingly a sense of surprise, relief, and also a lot of celebration.

All in all, one could say that America was full of mixed feelings about the next presidential choice. Based on its overwhelming margin for Clinton, Hawai‘i voters were largely unhappy. When it comes to the political views of students, however, they may differ from the state as a whole. Part of this is because there are people from all over the world that attend UH Hilo, and do not necessarily have ties to “blue state” politics that exist in Hawai‘i. Multiple students were interviewed about the incoming Trump administration; the responses varied, though most were not passionate about one opinion or another.

When asked what she thought about Trump being commander-in-chief, freshman Nicole Ramirez stated,

“I was really surprised that he got elected because during the entire running it seemed to be leaning the other way. I was surprised, but not upset. I think that Trump is a bad person, but I also think that he is going to make a good president. Also, being a woman, I did not want someone like Hillary being our first woman president.”

She continued,

“For my first woman president I want someone that will represent women in a good way, not someone who did sneaky things behind America’s back. Trump is definitely not my dream president, but I think that he is better than Hillary and I think he will do what needs to be done.”

Sophomore Meghan Langbehn’s view on the election closely mirrored Ramirez’s. When interviewed she said, “Personally I didn’t like either of the candidates. I think that Trump is a jerk, and Hillary is a liar. I think it’s crazy that out of 7 billion people, these were the two chosen to represent our country.”

She also stated,

“Although I think that Trump isn’t the most respectful person, I think he will do good for our country. As long as he has the country running smoothly he won’t bother me because it’s not like I actually have to ever communicate with him. I do think he needs to do something different with his hair though if he wants other countries to take us seriously.”

Sophomore Leighanna Weaver feels the same about President Trump. When asked her thoughts she said,

“I have no opinion about him becoming president. I think that the president before him left really big shoes to fill, so if he can do that then great. I absolutely loved Obama, and I think that he did great things for our country. It’s going to be hard for me to let such a great president go, but I’m hoping for the best. At the end of the day it is what it is. Donald Trump is now our president and there’s nothing we can do about it. So as long as he can measure up to Obama, I’ll be happy.”

One interview had a very unique result. When interviewed, junior Terra Carden said,

“I have no opinion about Trump being president. I honestly don’t care who our president was or is because Jesus will always be my president. Politics can get ugly and bring out the worst in people and I want nothing to do with that. I believe that there is one ruler and king of this country and of this world as a whole and that is Jesus.”