Lichen Forster

Lichen started a school newspaper at their high school after their climate anxiety became so constricting something had to be done. Right now, they’re pursuing a B.S. in geology, with plans to become a science journalist. They hope Ke Kalahea makes you cry, laugh, and most of all: think.

Photo of Lichen ForsterEditor-in-Chief

Alannah Shinde

Being born and raised in Hilo, Alannah is deeply concerned about local events and how global affairs affects our community. She is currently majoring in Computer science with a minor in astronomy in hopes to pursue a career that combines both of her passions. In her free time she loves to nap and bake!

Photo of Alannah ShindeAssociate Editor

Koa Kim

Koa is the Layout Editor, this means that if you hate the look of Ke Kalahea, you can walk up to him on campus and belittle him publicly. It’s his fault. It also means that he has the power to do things like tilt what you are reading by one (1) degree. Yeah, unsee that. Like the look of this page? He ripped it off from the poster for the movie Cheaper by the Dozen.

Photo of Koa KimLayout Editor

Courtney Waldfogel

Courtney is currently a senior in Biology at UH Hilo. She hopes to go to graduate school where she’ll then become a Clinical researcher. She enjoys going to the beach and reading or hanging out with friends on her free time.

Photo of Courtney WaldfogelPhoto Editor

U'i Barongan

U’i (she/her) is a biology major at UH Hilo currently studying abroad in Sweden. Her passion for giving back to the community inspired her to pursue physical therapy and teaching. In the past, she has hosted a radio show for URH and served as the College of Arts and Science senator for UHHSA. When she is not writing for Ke Kalahea or juggling her life as a student, she can often be found doing art, writing a book, or playing music all over the island.

Photo of U'i BaronganStaff Writer

Alexi Jimeno

Alexi (she/her) is currently in her second year as an English major. Her future plans consist of sharing her creativity and imagination with those around her, however that may be. She enjoys reading, watching anime, and listening to her 50+ playlists on Spotify!

Photo of Alexi JimenoPhotographer

Diego Johansen

Diego (he/him), who recently transferred to UHH from Santa Monica College, is Ke Kalahea’s webmaster. Having worked with Greenpeace USA over the last few years, he is an avid environmental activist and ocean pollution expert. As a marine science major here at UHH, Diego is looking to further his passion in ocean conservation and enjoys spending any spare time SCUBA diving and exploring the underwater world.

Photo of Diego JohansenWebmaster

Cappi Winters

Cappi (she/her) is a senior studying Business Administration with concentrations in management and marketing. She hopes to eventually get a job in international marketing or something that will pay her to travel the world. In her free time she likes to nap on the beach, hike to different waterfalls, or spend time with her cat, Charlie.

Photo of Cappi WintersSocial Media Manager

Shanxi Naka'ahiki

Shanxi Nakaʻahiki (she/her) comes from Alaska and is a first year pharmacy student at the Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy. Currently, she is interested in working in either the oncology field or the diabetes field, but she’s too indecisive and wants to see more options before she finalizes her decision. When Shanxi is not studying, she enjoys going out to eat, getting her nails done, taking long drives, and tanning at the beach.

Photo of Shanxi Naka'ahikiOffice Manager

Naomi Lemieux

Naomi Lemieux got the terrible idea to become an animator in the ninth grade. She thought that the world around her was much too sad, frustrating, and angst-heavy, so she decided to make shows and comics that provide a little light in the dark. Ambitious for a puny freshman, but what can you do? Lemieux's hobbies include sewing, writing, combing the Internet for “Bee and Puppycat” soundtracks, and shirking her responsibilities.

Photo of Naomi LemieuxGraphic Designer

Stacy Watkins

Stacy goes by she/her pronouns and is a second year biology major. She hopes to get into medical school and become a great physician. She enjoys playing video games with her friends and petting her many cats.

Photo of Stacy WatkinsGraphic Designer

Tiffany Edwards-Hunt

Tiffany (she/her/hers) has been Ke Kalahea’s editorial adviser for more than a decade. She also works as a middle school social studies teacher. Tiffany spent many years as a newspaper writer, publisher and blogger, before transitioning to teaching and advising. She enjoys beachtime, biking, traveling, and time with family when she is not working.

Photo of Tiffany Edwards-HuntAdvisor