Letter From the Editor

Aloha readers,

Writing this is bittersweet. Bitter because it is the last time this semester I get a chance to speak to you this way. Sweet because, and I’m sure you can agree, it’s time for summer.

This summer, we say goodbye to our photo editor Courtney Waldfogel and social media manager Cappi Winters, as they’re graduating these hallowed halls (walkways?) and taking on the world. It’s a scary new chapter and I wish them the best of luck.

In the pages of our May issue, you’ll find a touching story about trying to force yourself into stereotypes to fit in, a look back on Campus Center’s humble origins, and a tribute to late kumu hula Johnny Lum Ho via his student Kuʻuhiapo Jeong.

One of our graphic designers, Naomi Lemieux, has been studying animation in New Jersey this school year. As such, her comic “Freshman Feathers” has centered on dealing with suddenly cold weather, aching homesickness, and discovering a big wide world. The adventures of Birb the Kiwi Bird come to a close as Naomi returns to Hilo this summer. We’re excited to have her back. Speaking of kiwi birds, how much do you know about them? Check out Naomi’s visual on Birb’s brethren.

If you’ve been inspired by Uʻi Barongan’s “Beyond UH Hilo” column this semester, you can learn how to be an international jetsetter yourself in her latest installment.

Looking for a laidback hangout to destress from finals? Read about Slow Your Roll, a board-gaming lounge with affordable fun for the whole family (or friend group.)

Other staples of this issue include a talk with the EiCs of other student publications, coverage of the WSCUC accreditation team’s visit, and the honoring of Edith Kanakaʻole on a set of 2023 quarters. We hope you enjoy this issue and are excited to serve our fellow students once again come fall.

Finally, I’d like to note a misprint in our April issue. Cindy Reves was a pivotal source in the article “State Bill Aims to Protect Student Journalists,” written by myself, and her name was consistently spelled “Reeves.” Ke Kalahea apologizes for the error.

Mahalo nui loa,
Lichen Forster
Editor-in-Chief of Ke Kalahea

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