Do you have any back-to-school rituals that help you get in the right headspace for a new semester?

Lichen Forster, EiC

Lichen Forster

I gather up all my syllabi and meticulously add every assignment, paper, and exam to my planner the first week of classes. It gets me excited for my courses and prevents stress about missing a deadline later on.

Cappi Winters, Social Media Manager:

Cappi Winters

For the first week or so, I am super organized. I take proper notes, write down due dates, and keep my camera on during zoom. However, after the second week I am back to my unorganized procrastinating self. I’ve recently started writing every single due date in my planner during that first week. I've found that it helps me to stay on top of things even when I’m overwhelmed.

Uʻi Barongan, Staff Writer:

Uʻi Barongan

I like to go out and look for lots of fun stationary and convince myself that I need more even though I own every type of pen and graphic journal at home. Then I like to go through all of my digital syllabi and quickly open as many tabs of them as possible with them so I don’t forget to read them again.

Tiffany Hunt, Advisor:

Tiffany Hunt

Calendaring. I use both written and digital planners and make sure I write as much down in both of my calendars at the onset of the semester, just to continuously keep me on track.

Courtney Waldfogel, Photo Editor:

Courtney Waldfogel

I like to sit down with my computer and syllabus and write down when every assignment will be due, and exam will be taking. I also entirely clean up my work space, which gets me excited for upcoming assignments.

Kevianna Adams, Photographer:

Kevianna Adams

During the first week of school, I usually attempt to be super prepared and make sure to get to bed early, not play any video games, and get to all my classes early. This usually only lasts for the first and maybe second week of classes…

Shanxi Nakaʻahiki, Office Manager:

Shanxi Nakaʻahiki

I go through all my syllabi and add each assignment due date & exam date into my calendar. I also like to go buy new & cute stationary to make me more excited about taking notes.

Koa Kim, Layout Editor:

Koa Kim

Nope. If God wanted me to be in any kind of right headspace he wouldn't have sent me to college.

Naomi Lemieux, Graphic Designer:

Naomi Lemieux

I redecorate my room to account for the new semester. I have a cork board that I paste nice, new sticky notes on, and I move little decorations on it around so my brain knows something has changed.