Spring 2021: April Issue

Aloha mai kākou,

We are in the last full month of school for this semester! I hope you all feel somewhat rested after our spring break and got to do at least one thing for yourself. I hope everyone stays strong and finishes out this semester.

To all my fellow seniors, we are so close to the finish line, let’s kick some academic butt! Let’s hope that, in the end, there is some sort of commemoration of our accomplishment for making it through one of the most difficult years for anyone, let alone us, trying to graduate amid a global pandemic, with a crash course on virtual learning.

To all my fellow Asian Americans and people of color, we are stronger than this hate we are seeing in the headlines; we will continue to persevere like we have for decades. I will continue to stand by and support, and I hope that we don’t have to live in fear for ourselves or our loved ones in the future.

For this issue, we get to recognize and celebrate some of our very own amazing UH Hilo students that have won the Droste Award (page 6). We also learn about the upcoming Annual Student Art Exhibition (page 10). I am also excited to be able to share a couple of impressive events our sister publications have put together with a panel of compelling authors (pages 16-20). I hope you enjoy this edition of Ke Kalahea. I know our team has been working really hard to deliver you relevant news. Please reach out to us and share anything you think we need to cover for the last edition of the school year in the next month. Email: uhhkk@hawaii.edu.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone.

Kasumi Collins