Spring 2019: March Issue 3

Aloha Vulcans,

There’s that sinking feeling in your gut again. The latch that holds you in place is sealed shut. The all-clear has been given. The roller coaster jerks forward taking you and everyone else for the ride of your life. Getting nervous yet?

The line that got you to this point was long. You stepped forward slowly making your way. You could see the roller coaster in the distance with it’s huge climb to the peak, the massive drop, the people screaming as they’re forcefully pulled back to earth, the loops, the turns, the dips, the drops. You couldn’t wait to get to front of the line, but now that it’s your turn to take that ride, suddenly your hands clench to the bar and your stomach won’t stop turning.

Your jaw clenches and your teeth chatter in sync with the clinking of the chain that pulls you up to the top. Really wish you hadn’t picked the front row seat now, huh? You look out in front of you and for a moment all your eyes can see is the sky and clouds above you. The chain clinks more slowly now. Here it comes. Your gaze is taken from the heavens and brought back to everything in front of you. All the people, places, and things await below. Welcome back to reality. What’s to stop this roller coaster from accelerating straight into the ground?

You drop and for a moment it feels like you’re flying. No use screaming now, no one else can hear you. The force of gravity returns as you make your way back to the ground. You turn, you flip, you close your eyes and hope everything is going to be okay, but suddenly, the fear is gone. You can’t help but smile. This ride is crazy! You’re beaming and the screams turn into laughter. You look at everyone around you and the whole coaster is smiling with you. This is the ride of your life. Every turn that this ride takes, every loop, every dip and drop are now yours to enjoy.

I hope this ride never ends.

The journey we take here is to be enjoyed. It’s as much about the climb as it is about the ride. It’s about the people you make that journey with and the person you become along the way. When you finally step off the roller coaster, you will be different. You will be ready for the loops that life throws your way, the unexpected turns, and the highs and lows along the way. Hold on tight, but crack a smile and laugh out loud. Everything is going to be alright.

A man with many names,

Peter Holden Chao

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