Spring 2018: March 12th Issue 5

Aloha Vulcans!

Welcome to another edition of Ke Kalahea. Before you dig into this issue, we’d like to correct some mistakes that unfortunately slipped past our editing process, as well as issue an apology for the incorrect information.

First off, in our Feb. 5 edition, the article “This is Not a Drill” was attributed to Lauren Nosworthy. The article should have been attributed to our staff writer, Clara Scheidle. Nosworthy was a named source in the story, not the author.

Secondly, also in our Feb. 5 edition we printed some misinformation about the Registrar’s Office in an article titled “Regarding the Registrar”. First, our article states that this office handles academic advising; this is in fact handled by the Advising Office directly upstairs. There is also misinformation in the article regarding advising requirements by the school: there are no campus-wide requirements, although certain groups such as freshman or other specific programs may have their own policies on requiring advising sessions. Furthermore, the article associated the Registrar’s Office with the online “ MyUH” program available to students. “ MyUH” is a system-wide program, and is not affiliated with the Registrar’s Office. The office does handle the STAR program used by UH students, and would like us to remind Vulcans of the “Are You Stuck?” button on the STAR website, which can help answer any questions or clear up aspects of the registration process that may seem confusing.

Finally, contrary to what was printed in the article, the Registrar’s Office does not give out unofficial transcripts, and students are not able to apply for graduation online.

I would personally like to apologize to anyone misled or confused by our mistakes. Ke Kalahea is a student-run newspaper, and while we do our best to hold ourselves to the highest journalistic standards, we are all still learning. I would also like to thank those who brought these mistakes to our attention. Ke Kalahea belongs to the UH Hilo community, and we rely on you to hold us accountable.

Nick Carrion
Editor in Chief, Ke Kalahea

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