Spring 2018: April 16th Issue 7

Aloha Vulcans,

Here we are, in the crucial last few weeks of the year. Many of you will be graduating soon, and are thinking of where the rest of your lives will take you. Many others are looking forward to a relaxing summer break before continuing on your academic journey next year. The end is in sight, and lazy days and summer breezes are calling our names.

But we’re not there yet. For many Vulcans, the end of the semester is an incredibly busy and stressful time, with deadlines and finals fast approaching. Spring break seems forever ago, and there is one more hill to climb before the 2018-2018 school year comes to an end. So finish strong, and make this semester one you can be proud of.

If you need a break from coursework, you’ve got a perfect distraction right in your hands. In this edition we touch base on a few ongoing issues, including the search for a new chancellor and the ongoing debate on land use on Maunakea. We’ve also included a re-print of an article we ran a few weeks ago that was found to contain some factual errors, all cleaned up and ready for reading.

So hang tough Vulcans, for summer will be here before you know it.

Nick Carrion
Editor in Chief, Ke Kalahea

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