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  1. New Year, New CoachesTeams get acquainted with their seasoned mentors Sports Writer: Eric Vega Photographer: Adrienne Gurbindo As September
  2. New Player ProfilesCroad Photos Trixie Croad and Vulcan Athletics SID (Sports Information Director) Russ Blunck Name: Symone Seidewand Sport:
  3. Editorial: What Really Is Roller Derby?serious sport that requires more than most mainstream sports - and gives back in ways unlike any
  4. From a Vulcan to a PhillyKurokawa on His Transition to the Major Leagues Sports Writer Eric Vega Photo Courtesy of Hawaii Tribune-Herald
  5. The End Of A Fierce Rivalryathletics program, what does this means for Vulcans? Sports Writer Trixie Croad Photo Courtesy of Greg Zukeran
  6. Editorial: A New Beginning for Vulcan VolleyballWelcoming Coach Gene Krieger Sports Writer Trixie Croad, and UH Hilo Women’s Volleyball
  7. Vulcans Under PressureHawaii means more travel - and more stress. Sports Writer Trixie Croad Co-Author/Assistant Editor-in-Chief Aspen Mauch Photographer
  8. Hell WeekRecap of Vulcan Fall preseason training Writer: Trixie Croad Photos: Vulcan Athletics SID Russ Blunk Every year…
  9. Fall 2018: September 7th Issue 1you and wants to hear you thoughts? Intramural sports? An art and literary magazine and a journal
  10. What Makes a Good Captain?Vulcan sports captains’ opinions on what they believe it takes
  11. Farris On Firestar shooter at the end of basketball career Sports Writer Trixie Croad Photographer Zach Gorski “You're only
  12. Summing up Springand in betweens of Spring 2017 Vulcan athletics Sports Writer Trixie Croad Photos courtesy of Phil Steering
  13. A College Student’s Guide to Fitnessand we can see why! 3. Play intramural sports Intramurals are a great way to combine your
  14. Athlete HighlightOyama Additional Photos courtesy of Shelly Blunk, UHH Sports Info Meghan Langbehn has been a permanent fixture
  15. Your Guide to Vulcan Athleticsrecap past games, express hope for the future Sports Writer Trixie Croad Graphic Designer Kapua Arsiga With
  16. Spring 2017: January 30th Issue 2interest in applying at Ke Kalahea. Our new Sports Writer, Trixie Croad, has graciously accepted the call
  17. Making Yoga Approachablea yoga or stretching-type class because in many sports you’re doing the same basic movements over and
  18. Making Yoga Approachablea yoga or stretching-type class because in many sports you’re doing the same basic movements over and
  19. Spring 2017: March 13 Issue 5Our assistant editor-in-chief, Aspen, teamed up with our sports writer, Trixie, to speak with a professor on
  20. Spring 2017: Feb 27 Issue 4As for what other students have accomplished, our sports writer Trixie documents the memorable journey of a
  21. No One Fights AloneThe past few weeks haven’t been easy for sports lovers. Vin Scully’s swan song at Dodgers Stadium
  22. Astro Day Westsee in the shopping front of an old Sports Authority in Kona Commons would be several astronomical
  23. Vulcans Go GlobalSlezak making waves in the PacWest tennis world Sports Writer Trixie Croad Photos Courtesy of Tina McDermott
  24. Off Island PerspectivesThe workshops at the convention covered topics from sports writing to leadership, entertainment journalism to “making it”
  25. Editorial: What is a Vulcanare happy to cheer for the Vulcans at sports events or wear the logo on our chests,
  26. Meet the Faculty: Jonathan Awayaeducation and the opportunity for outdoor activity including sports, as well as activities such as diving, fishing,
  27. Plastic Paradise : The Marine Debris Crisisand construction materials, medical instruments, as well as sports and recreational activities. This multifaceted material has our
  28. Editorial: I'm A Political Junkie, and I'm Already Over 2016Whether you’re a movie buff, gamer geek, or sports enthusiast, chances are you know what I’m talking