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  1. Hānau ʻO Waiʻōlino: College of Business and Economics gets a New Home
  2. Hawai‘i’s New Neighbor, Papahānaumokuākea
  3. From College Activism to Public Office
  4. Jill Stein and the Dakota Access Pipeline
  5. Behind the Scenes: UH Hilo’s Performing Artists
  6. UH Hilo and TMT: Part 2
  7. The Circus Is In Town
  8. Palace Theater Presents: The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  9. Where There's a Wool, There's a Way
  10. Budget Cuts at UH Hilo
  11. Will Students Take A Stand?
  12. Voting Local
  13. Looking Across the Pond
  14. Politics vs. Policy
  15. A Closer Look: Eileen O'hara
  16. Editorial: I'm A Political Junkie, and I'm Already Over 2016
  17. Who can access the Student life Center?
  18. Trump vs. Clinton: What to Expect
  19. Budget Cuts at UH Hilo: Part 2
  20. Ghosts of Hiroshima
  21. There's Something About Campus Security
  22. Can Hula and Modern Dance be Mixed?
  23. Vulcans Welcome LGBTQ+ Center
  24. Editorial: The Origins of Thanksgiving Day
  25. Programmers of UH Hilo
  26. How to Research Climate Change
  27. Editorial: Do Our Votes Matter?
  28. Editorial: Field of Nightmares
  29. Living Risky In Paradise
  30. How Safe is UH Hilo?... New Year's Edition
  31. Trump Or Nah?
  32. Ho'olaule'a Turns 22
  33. UPDATE : Hilo Gets a New Representative
  34. Fungus Among Us: Rapid 'Ohi'a Death
  35. Astronomy On Tap
  36. 'Imiloa Turns 11
  37. Editorial: Your Guide To Spring Break
  38. Ke Kalahea's Impact On Valerie Frank
  39. UH Commits to Anti-Discrimination Policy
  40. "System Is Broken"
  41. Rethinking UH Hilo Academics
  42. The Word of the Bird
  43. Meet the Faculty: Justina Mattos
  44. UH Hilo Chancellor search
  45. Pride in the Rainbow State
  46. UHHSA Update
  47. Editorial: Venture Big Island
  48. Rebuilding Democracy