Love Is In The Air...?

Women of UH Hilo share their feelings about Feb. 14

News Writer Lexi Smiley Graphic Designer Kapua Arsiga

Heart thoughts

“... I don’t feel I need a particular date to let my partner know how much he means to me.” - Sophomore Danika Steele

For some, the month of February is a month of hearts and love. The stores are flooded with chocolate and flowers of every color. Everyone loves Valentine’s Day, right? Well, some students at UH Hilo may feel a little differently than one might expect. Here are some responses from the ladies when asked about their thoughts on Cupid’s favorite day…

Senior and kinesiology major Destini Soares stated, “I absolutely love Valentine’s Day! I feel like it is a day where love is in the air. Everyone walks around all happy and bubbly and there are good vibes all around. Seeing all the love makes me super happy! I don’t spend it a certain way because every year is different. Sometimes, I’ll spoil a few girls with some flowers and waffles because flowers and waffles are awesome. Other than that, I mostly just chill with the homies and spread the love. Valentine’s Day is one of the happiest days of the year and love is everywhere! How could I not love such an awesome day?”

Sophomore and kinesiology major Taylor Acheson thinks that Valentine’s Day is just another day. She said, “I don’t really love or hate it, but I never really think of it as a special day so I never celebrate it. If you’re in a relationship and want to celebrate the day together that’s super cool, but to me it is just another day, nothing special.”

Junior Taylor Chinks, a kinesiology major, has mixed feelings about the holiday: “I love Valentine's Day because it's a special day where people can express their love and appreciation for one another and do something romantic. I also hate Valentine's Day because if you don't have someone to spend it with it can be kind of sad seeing couples together. If I don't have a special someone to spend Valentine's Day with, I will spend time with family. My grandma usually will buy me flowers or a stuffed animal.”

Valentine’s Day can still be rough on some even if they are in a relationship. Junior Nicole Terenzi, who studies horticulture, said, “To be honest even when I was in a relationship I wasn't all about expensive gifts and going all out. It was a specific day to show your partner just how much you truly care. The best Valentine’s Day for me was we went out to dinner but the restaurant was out of dessert, so my boyfriend stopped at the food store to pick up my favorite ice cream cake. After that we went back to his house and sat on the floor eating the cake and laughing all night. It's the simple things, that's what Valentine's Day is all about.”

According to sophomore Alyssa Rodrigues, an environmental science major, “Valentine’s day is just another school day to me. During the time that I’m at school I don’t really see this day as any different than just a normal day. The only difference is people walking around with red and pink hearts and chocolates and teddy bears and all that cute stuff. I’d rather dedicate this day to my family. I like to take this day to just show extra love to my parents and show them how much I appreciate them and their love.”

As expected, the general trend at UH Hilo is that people in relationships tend to like this holiday a little more than those who aren’t seeing someone. “I love Valentine’s Day, because it’s a day to show your love and appreciation for your significant other. Even though this is something you should do all the time, it’s still a special day that I look forward to every year,” said Samantha Lord, a junior studying business administration.

Sophomore Keana Kamalii took a little trip back in time with her responses. When asked how she felt about Valentine’s Day, she said it “seemed to be a lot more significant to me as a child. It was more so about the amount of love we were receiving from our peers and family. We weren't so concerned with who was doing what, who was wearing what, and who actually had a Valentine. I don't hate Valentine's Day, I just value the relationships I have and think it's important to make that apparent. A quote that reminds me of this is, “If you love something, love it completely, cherish it, say it, but most importantly show it. Life is finite and fragile, and just because something is there one day, it might not be the next. Never take that for granted. Say what you need to say, then say a little more. Say too much. Show too much. Love too much. Everything is temporary but love. Love outlives us all.” That is what Valentine’s Day means to me.”

One student in particular was very against this day. Sophomore Danika Steele, a marine science major, stated, “I personally hate Valentine's Day. I think that people nowadays have blown it way out of proportion by spending a ton of money on chocolates, jewelry, and stuffed animals that will just be thrown away or left to collect dust. You should consistently let your partner know how grateful you are for them! I think the idea of a day to shower your loved ones in extra love is wonderful and I'm sure a lot of couples have a ton of fun surprising each other with tokens of their love, but I think the modern culture of Valentine’s Day is too over the top and flashy. I don't want a bunch of flowers and chocolates from the store down the street just because my partner felt like he had to go out and get me some because that day says so. It seems that everyone is competing on who can get each other the best gifts to show that they care for the other and it is just a bit odd to me. I'm in a relationship myself and personally choose to not participate in the holiday on Feb. 14, because I don't feel that I need a particular date to let my partner know how much he means to me.”

So many different responses from all different types of girls.

A final interview with senior and kinesiology major Molly Verseput ended the day on a balanced note. She said, "When it comes to Valentine's Day, I think it is incredibly overdone for the most part. It is so focused on couples so that those who are single end up hating it and feeling left out! I like Valentine's Day because there's just an increased feeling of affection which doesn't have to be about a boyfriend or girlfriend, but it can be for anyone you care about, which I wish more people thought about. Hooray for love of any kind!"