Lip-Sync Battle in Campus Center

First-Year Experience and the Office of Equal Opportunity have fun at Wednesdays-After-Class

Copy Editor Rosannah Gosser
Photo Courtesy of Kevianna Adams

Office of Equal Opportunity tabling at Campus Center Tunes by artists like Britney Spears and Shakira blasted through Campus Center on Wednesday evening as part of an event put on by UH Hilo’s First-Year Experience and the Office of Equal Opportunity. Geared towards first-year and transfer students, Wednesdays-After-Class events are a collaboration between FYE and OEO to stimulate student involvement and give students a space to relax and have fun in the middle of the school week.

“We decided to partner together because our office wanted to do more educational trainings and FYE does a lot more fun, exciting events,” says Destiny Rodriguez, Confidential Advocate and Prevention Educator. “For us to partner together created a space for students to get together outside of class, get to know each other, and get to know the resources around campus.”

“We want students to know that although we’re staff, we’re still here to talk with them about anything going on, including sexual misconduct or learning about mentorship,” continues Rodriguez. “We were students once too and know that sometimes you just want a bag of chips and some music.”

“My passion is student affairs,” explains Shara Mahoe, Director of First-Year Experience. “Tonight we’re just having fun dancing to Just Dance. We’ll always have snacks and resources at events. For us, collaboration is huge. We’re here for the students and want to put them first. Doing fun and entertaining things like this get them involved.”