Kanilehua's New Look

Editor-in-Chief awaits new student works with plan to debut never before used layout

Staff Writer: Sasha Kauwale
Photo Courtesy of Braden Savage

Self photograph of a man smiling at the camera.

Kanilehua is a student-fueled art and literary magazine that aspires to showcase the creative fiction, non-fiction, poetry, visual, and multimedia arts interests of UH Hilo and strives to promote the positive voice of creative arts in the community; operating with the belief that art is inspiration in all forms.

Kanilehua Editor-in-Chief Braden Savage aims to push the boundaries of what a literary magazine is, to break the symmetry of regular magazine layout. He questions,

“How can we emulate something extraordinary from the norm that we have produced prior?”

Savage is influenced by author and artist Mark Danielewski, whose work is characterized by an intricate, multi-layered page layout, sometimes known as visual writing. Danielewski is well known for his bestseller 2000 horror novel, “House of Leaves.” Danielewski will virtually visit the campus on November 10, 2020 to speak on the artistic process of his numerous books and ergodic literature.

In the past, Kanilehua’s format was a conventional layout. For literary works: Title, followed by the author, followed by piece. For visual art pieces: A photo of the art piece, authors’ name below it, all based on a solid background. For both styles, it has historically been symmetrical involving columns.

This year's publication goal is to create something using an unconventional layout. Savage seeks to “create something strange and engaging on each page.” Savage anticipates it will not comply with conventional formatting. Giving Ke Kalahea a sneak peak into the ideas going into this year's publication, Savage is interested in formatting the magazine as “a restaurant theme, but not a typical menu, a menu that has been battered, beaten and been around the block.”

Students can submit up to five pieces of visual or literary art. Visual pieces can include: Paintings, sculpting, and photography . Literary pieces can include: Short stories, poetry, and plays.

There are two new additions that are being allowed into Kanilehua:

  1. Mixed Medium Pieces: Visual elements in literature. Examples include but are not limited to: A picture of a poem you’ve written in an aesthetically pleasing way or blackout poetry, which is full passages that are color coded and can be read as its own piece, or according to color.

  2. Original Musical Composition

UH Hilo and Hawai’i CC students are welcome to submit and engage with Kanilehua through the Kanilehua website. To submit works, follow the link to the submission form at https://hilo.hawaii.edu/campuscenter/kanilehua/

The deadline for submission is Nov. 23, 2020.