A Time Capsule of Ke Kalahea

Photo story by Alexi Jimeno

Ke Kalahea has been spreading UH Hilo news to the students and faculty for decades. The earliest copies of these issues our team has found, date all the way back to 1974. Throughout the decades, our newspaper has taken on the names “Ka Leo,” “Vulcan News,” as well as “uh hilo news.” No matter the name, each issue has covered different campus events, important local news, the student voice/perspective, etc. It’s not much different to what Ke Kalahea covers now. However, we release monthly issues while in the past they released weekly issues. It’s quite interesting to note the difference or similarities between the photos, layout choices, graphic designs, and writing styles from back then compared to now. Take a look at the past versions of Ke Kalahea!

Old issues of UH Hilo newspapers, one titled "Vulcan News" and the other titled "UH Hilo News"Various versions of our newspaper took the names of 'uh hilo news' and 'Vulcan News'.

An archive of a short article noting the forged parking permitsA short article noting the forged parking permits students were making to ignore the parking bill.

An ad section in the old version of the newspaper from 1981The ad section of a 1981 issue. 298 for a round trip from Hilo to Los Angeles.

A UH Hilo and Hilo College collaboration noted in the newspaper back in 1974UH Hilo and Hilo College used to combine stories into one newspaper back in 1974.

A snippet of the old newspaper noting the language courses being offered at that timeThe language courses UH Hilo offered in the 1970s.

A snippet of an article where nothing happened in 1981 A snippet of the newspaper stating the subscription amount for a Ke Kalahea issue in the 1980s

A section noting the sports section in UH Hilo News

TOP : The week of April 1st 1981 where nothing happened at UHH.
BOTTOM : The subscription amount for Ke Kalahea issues in the 1980s.
RIGHT : UH Hilo News and their sports section.