Fall Athletics at UH Hilo

Photo Story by Isabella Thoulouis

The University of Hawai‘i at Hilo is in the NCAA Division II intercollegiate sports and participates in the Pacific West Conference with twelve different varsity sports. Six of these sports are played during the Fall; men’s soccer, men’s golf, women’s soccer, women’s golf, women’s cross country, and women’s volleyball. Women’s cross country has finished up their season, their conference championships took place on October 21st. Men’s golf and women’s golf are done for the Fall season as of October 27th, but start again on February 8th and 3rd for the Spring Season. Men’s soccer, women’s soccer, and women’s volleyball will all be finishing up their seasons in the beginning of December.

For those of you who enjoy playing sports and wish to play just for fun, intramural sports are offered at the school’s gym for students who have paid the Student Life Center fee. Basketball is played on Monday’s, volleyball on Tuesday’s, soccer on Wednesday’s, dodgeball & pickleball on Thursday’s, and volleyball & basketball on Friday’s. However, it is important to note that intramurals are subject to be canceled throughout the month because of intercollegiate sport games.

Kierstyn Yamamoto and Alia Bournay playing soccer at the UH Hilo fieldKierstyn Yamamoto no. 11 Alia Bournay no. 10 and Jazlynn Ellis no. 14 keeping their eyes on the ball.

Alia Bournay no.10 focusing on the soccer fieldAlia Bournay no. 10

Phoebe Barnes no.0, the goalkeeper, staying focused on the fieldPhoebe Barnes no. 0 keeping her eyes on the game.

Action shot of the UH Hilo women's volleyball team on the attackEmerson Reinke no. 12 setting up Kamryn Childs no. 6 for a hit.

Two of the UH Hilo Women Volleyball players jumping for the block. Chase Koepke and Emerson ReinkeChase Koepke no. 14 and Emerson Reinke no. 12 jumping for a block.

The UH Hilo Women's Volleyball team doing a brief huddleThe six players on court having a brief huddle.

The whole UH Hilo Women's Volleyball team huddleThe volleyball team having a team huddle during a timeout.