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What is Your Number One Tip to De-Stress?

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What is Your Number One Tip to De-Stress?

Allegra Diaz

Allegra Diaz


Make a list and go down it one item at a time — don’t forget to take breaks!

Tiffany Edwards Hunt

Tiffany Edwards Hunt


Compartmentalize your tasks and prioritize your #selfcare — exercise, enjoy a nutritious meal, or splurge on a massage, facial, pedicure or manicure. Always remember to take care of yourself, no matter how stressful life feels. The stress keeps on coming. But stress management is an art of living.

Lichen Forster

Lichen Forster

Staff Writer

Do your most stressful tasks first; just get it done.

Courtney Waldfogel

Courtney Waldfogel smiling

Photo Editor

Making a list of everything that needs to be done. Most important to least important. Then taking some self care time, like going to the beac to read or do homework or going to the gym.

Naomi Lemieux

Naomi Lemieux in a Dr. Evil pose

Graphic Designer

Decompress. Take a minute to release your emotions somehow. Journaling or crying usually works. After that, you’ll be much more clear-headed and able to make a plan of how to proceed.

Koa Kim

Koa Kim at the drivers seat, wearing a cowboy hat

Layout Editor

I like to think about how many people there are, and how everybody’s life seems as important to them as mine does to me. Suddenly, things that seem so important and stressful aren’t so daunting.