Letter From Editor

Dear Vulcans,

Happy October! It has been a crazy couple of weeks filled with schoolwork and exams. I hope you are all taking the time to rest and recharge when you can. This month’s issue contains two athlete features, an article about a student resource on campus, and coverage of last month’s Board of Regents meeting.

It also contains a time capsule with photos from Ke Kalahea’s morgue, and many spooky graphics in preparation for Halloween. I’d like to thank my team for working so hard to produce this issue. This is the first issue created by our layout editor, and it looks amazing! We are continuing to build our team, as are many other student-run organizations. If you are interested in joining us, please check out the classifieds section.

Good luck on midterm exams,
Allegra Diaz
Ke Kalahea editor-in-chief