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What is Your Family's Thanksgiving Tradition?

Allegra Diaz

Allegra Diaz


We sleep in that morning, have a late brunch, then all gather together to make dinner and hang out late.

Tiffany Edwards Hunt

Tiffany Edwards Hunt


Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade plays on the television while we prepare the food for cooking. We have our feast by the late afternoon. The elves come Thanksgiving night and bring holiday pajamas along with a string of decorations to kick off the Christmas season.

Lichen Forster

Lichen Forster

Staff Writer

We just get straight to eating!

Naomi Lemieux

Naomi Lemieux in a Dr. Evil pose

Graphic Designer

My family eats a small breakfast, then we get to cooking all day together. In the afternoon, there's always a lull where we're waiting for the turkey to finish roasting, so we listen to Alice's Restaurant, an old musical performance, which we can listen to THEN AND ONLY THEN.

Courtney Waldfogel

Courtney Waldfogel smiling

Photo Editor

Taking our Thanksgiving to the beach and having brunch.

Koa Kim

Koa Kim at the drivers seat, wearing a cowboy hat

Layout Editor

Every year we eat Thanksgiving food, and watch the movie Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.

Cappi Winters

Cappi Winters in shades

Social Media Manager

We avoid our mom in the kitchen until it’s time to eat (she doesn’t like people in the kitchen with her lol). We eat around 4, I pretend to care about the football game then take a nap!

Uʻi Barongan

Uʻi Barongan smiling

Staff Writer

For my family’s Thanksgiving tradition, we typically wake up incredibly early and make food. I usually go through my contact list and wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving before we eat. By then, the Turkey is usually done and we all eat Thanksgiving lunch together. Immediately after, we take a nap, only to wake up for dinner and eat again.