Letter From Editor

Aloha Vulcans,

It was a rough October. I hope you all did well on your midterm exams and that you are not too overwhelmed with schoolwork and other commitments. I am personally very excited for the holiday breaks that are coming up. I’d like to mention an error that was published in the October issue. The article “UH Hilo Professors Take Advantage of Online Options in Fall” was formatted incorrectly and part of the article was missing in the printed issue. We are reprinting the full article with updates we received by press time in this November issue. Ke Kalahea regrets the error. Please take the time to read the full article, as well as the other articles and graphics that my team worked hard to publish. In this issue, you’ll find a journal from a Vulcan Cross Country athlete, photos from a 1987 Vulcan News issue, an article about the Menstrual Equity Initiative, a detailed account of our Board of Regents committee meeting discussing accreditation and more. If you have a story idea or you would like to contribute to Ke Kalahea, we welcome your recommendations and input. Please feel free to reach out at uhhkk@hawaii.edu.

I wish you all the best! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


Allegra Diaz,
Ke Kalahea EiC