Tips for Making it in College

Look, we all know college throws too much work at us. We're all kinda losing it. But there are small ways you can make your life a little less terrible:


  • Tidy your desk (It'll feel less chaotic)
  • Listen to nice music for ambience (low-fi is always good)
  • If something bothers you, fix it


  • Take a shower; brush your hair
  • These things make you feel human
  • Don't neglect your hygiene in favor of working


  • Start with what works for you
  • Some people like to start with the big project, some like to do a small, easy task to start


  • Make time to eat and sleep
  • Have a meal and take a nap
  • Get out of your head on your breaks. Talk to other humans!
  • Read a really good book!
  • Move around when you can.
  • Your break is a break (don't work!)

Most of All...

  • It's your schedule
  • Do what works for you
  • You know yourself best; you know what you need
  • Not everyone likes fireplaces and armchairs