Library Rental Services

Library Rental Services

Wahi Papaho


  • Students, faculty, staff members
  • Over 18 years of age
  • Someone with few to no library fires


  • Library circulation desk!
  • Including returns; Do not use book drop


  • Borrowing program for equipment
  • Laptops, cameras, camera and lighting accessories, ukuleles, study spaces, and much more


  • Student projects!
  • Use them! They're for you!
  • Most students can afford $1000 worth of stuff and that's okay!


  • Return equipment by deadline
  • Overdue stuff has a fine of $1 a day
  • After $10 you have a lost item fine
  • Will get charged for full cost


  • Do not store equipment in car
  • Minor nicks will not get you fined
  • However, do not clean or repair the equipment. You do not know how. We promise.