Letter From The Chancellor

Aloha Students,

If you are a new student, welcome! If you are a returning student, welcome back! All of us here at UH Hilo are so happy that you will be joining us this fall. Those of you who were on campus last year are already professionals at masking and distancing and LumiSightUH. Please help your new student peers in navigating our campus policies for COVID.

Despite the pandemic, however, we will be hosting more activities this year, and I hope you will take part in all those you wish to. Faculty and staff are ready to support you. You may see a couple of new phrases circulating around campus and on our website: “Your Journey Is Our Focus” and “Connecting Learning, Life, and Aloha.” The second of these is our operating principle. We are here to help you learn, help you succeed in life, and we do it all with a strong sense of aloha. The fact that you as students are at the center of what we do is reflected in the other phrase, “Your Journey Is Our Focus.” I hope you can feel the sense of family that we pride ourselves on our campus. You may not see the smiles on our faces, but look at how we smile with our eyes!

Many of you have overcome challenges to get here, and no doubt some of you will face challenges in your educational journey, but we know you are resilient, persistent, and strong individuals who are now part of the Vulcan family, and we are here for you.

Enjoy your semester!
Bonnie Irwin, Chancellor

Bonnie D. Irwing portrait