Katie & Sadie Are Ready to Conquer Freshman Year!

By Lichen Forster Graphic by Naomi Lemieux

Katy McClary (who has a dog called Sadie) was born in Reno, Nevada and raised on the Big Island. She graduated from Waiakea High School in May, and is now starting her journey at UH Hilo.

After completing senior year from her bedroom, she’s ready to get onto campus and have a more well-rounded education.

“I’m excited for a fresh college experience,” McClary says. Currently declared an anthropology major, McClary isn’t quite sure what lies in store for her future.

“My career goals are kinda everywhere. I’ve always wanted to be a forensic anthropologist, ever since I was little, because I’ve always been obsessed with the TV show ‘Bones.’ But eight years of college with four years of internship on top is terrifying. So, I’ve been looking into other areas that concern bones and the human body, such as anthropology and kinesiology,”

McClary says.

Katie McClary and her dog SadieKaty McClary with her dog, Sadie. Photo courtesy of McClary.

The first two years of high school, McClary was a straight A student, and now she’s eager to get back to being academically focused. “One big goal I have for this year is to get all A’s! I’m trying to nerd out and have a 4.0 again.”

Among McClary’s favorite pastimes are hanging out with her Chihuahua mix, Sadie, and napping. Something interesting McClary wants to share with the campus community is, “Did you know sperm whales sleep vertically?”

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