Fall 2018: September 7th Issue 1

Aloha Vulcans,

What is a Vulcan? Is it a pointy eared Spock being beamed down from the Starship Enterprise throwing up the V saying to “live long and prosper?” Is it a fire breathing, sword toothed, half dragon, half vulture with a massive wingspan perched on the rim of a volcano roaring into a thunderous sky? Or is a Vulcan a Roman god of fire and volcanoes, or perhaps his Greek counterpart Hephaestus?

You are a Vulcan. You are a member of the UH Hilo ʻohana. You are here to learn and to teach. You are here to grow as an individual and as friends. What a Vulcan is to me is a person who is here to share a smile, to lend a helping hand, and to accomplish something bigger than themselves. I have met people here from all over Hawai!ʻi, from Micronesia, Guam, Samoa, Tonga, Japan, England, Australia, and all across the United States, to only name a few places around the world. This place has brought us all a little closer.

I began at UH Hilo last fall. I was fortunate to have a friend in Nick Carrion, last year’s Editor-in-Chief, so naturally I also joined the student paper Ke Kalahea (it’s that thing you’re reading). Through Ke Kalahea I have made friends, connections, and accomplished more than I would have ever thought UH Hilo had to offer. My advice to you: GET INVOLVED! Did you know that UH Hilo has a radio station? How about scuba lessons? A video productions office so that you could make your own movie? A student government that represents you and wants to hear you thoughts? Intramural sports? An art and literary magazine and a journal for academic writing? Performing arts? Vulcan sports teams? Volunteer opportunities? Student activities? How about a chance to study abroad? There are so many opportunities here at UH Hilo, it is your duty to take full advantage.

I look forward to a wonderful year. I hope to learn from all of you. I hope to witness the incredible things you are able to accomplish. I hope to share that smile and to lend that helping hand. I hope that if you ever feel lost you can be assured that I will be here to help. Please see Ke Kalahea as more than just a paper, we are a large group of diverse students working together to highlight news, events, and student accomplishment. Share with us! We look forward to hearing from you.

A man with many names,
Peter Holden Chao

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