Fall 2018: October 8th Issue 2

Aloha Vulcans!

UH Hilo was recently voted the most diverse four-year public university in the nation by The Chronicle of Higher Education. At Ke Kalahea’s first ever Potato Night we sat down over loaded baked potatoes and I asked everyone to share a little bit about who they are. Among us are folks from Hawaiʻi, Alaska, Colorado, Missouri, California, Japan, London, and more. We have a varying array of backgrounds, majors, stories, skills, laughs, and personalities. Coming together working on this newspaper takes a lot of teamwork. It takes communication, helpfulness, and the occasional internal scream.

Teamwork can make or break any endeavor. Whether it be a successful publication, a study group, or a road-trip for Vulcan volleyball, success takes the cooperation of everyone involved, it requires a helping hand, a different perspective, effort, patience, and a willingness to learn. Teamwork is all around us. We help each other, we learn together, we share our experiences and individuality with those around us, and we care for one another.

I would be nowhere without the staff at Ke Kalahea. The writers, photographers, layout designers, editors, webmasters, and comic artists. All of their differences, all of their talents, and all of their hard work make this possible. I hope that at Ke Kalahea we continue to build a strong publication that rests firmly on the foundation of friendship, learning, and teamwork. Mahalo nui loa to the Ke Kalahea staff, and to our readers. I appreciate you.

A man with many names,

Peter Holden Chao

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