Fall 2017: October 9th issue 4

Letter from the Editor

Aloha all!

You have in your hands this semester’s fourth issue of Ke Kalahea. I applaud you; you have excellent taste in literature. You have chosen to stay up to date with the latest and most important happenings on your campus and in your community. You have chosen to educate yourself, and not be one of the mindless, uninformed masses. You have decided to rise up from the ashes of ignorance and be a beacon of knowledge to the world! Or maybe you just like our comic, Nah Brah! If that’s the case, I can’t say I blame you. In addition to the further adventures of everyone’s favorite Vulcan, this issue will give a little background of wh at that word even means. You’ll also find an update on your student government, tips for bringing Halloween spirit into our residence halls, an exploration of some of our not-so-local wildlife, and more.

So relax, and enjoy.

Nick Carrion Editor in Chief, Ke Kalahea

In this Issue: