Fall 2017: November 6th Issue 6

Letter from the Editor

Aloha Vulcans!

It’s hard to believe it’s finally November. I’m sure many of you are hard at work studying for midterms and finishing term papers. And some of you, like myself, are just getting around to reading the syllabus. Well either way, there’s only a few more weeks left in this semester.

And these last few weeks are sure to be exciting. In this issue of Ke Kalahea we take a good look at some of the controversies that I’m sure you’ve noticed around campus. And if you haven’t noticed them, you’ll soon be an expert. Staff writer Rosannah Gosser takes a good look at some of the administrative issues here at UH Hilo, and Maria Castro educates new Vulcans on some actions that are better off avoided here on the island.

We also get to meet on of UH Hilo’s professors, and take a look at some of the ecological initiatives currently underway.

So relax, and enjoy.

Nick Carrion
Editor in Chief, Ke Kalahea

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