Fall 2017: December 4th (Issue 8)

Letter from the Editor


Well, here we are. The final issue of Ke Kalahea for the Fall 2017 semester. It’s been a fun journey, and now we stare down those frantic final weeks before school lets out for a brief respite.

I won’t take too much of your time here. By now most students are tired. Tired of tests, tired of essays, tired of my attempts to be funny in these letters. So if you’ve picked up this paper for a bit of restful downtime, you’ve made a good choice. If you’ve picked it up because you’re desperately procrastinating all the work you should actually be doing, that works too. Either way, we appreciate the opportunity to inform and entertain the UHH student body.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Ke Kalahea.

Nick Carrion
Editor in Chief, Ke Kalahea

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