Fall 2017: August 28th Issue 1

Letter from the Editor In Chief

Aloha Vulcans,

Here we are at the start of another school year here at UH Hilo. For some, like myself, this will be your last first semester of undergrad. For others, this is your first semester here at the university, your first semester here on the island, or even your first semester here in the country. And I suppose some of you fall somewhere in between.

Well, a big welcome to everyone on campus this fall, and a thank you from everyone here at Ke Kalahea for picking up our magazine. We promise to astound you with pretty pictures and bore you with in-depth and well-researched coverage of all the happenings here in Hilo.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Ke Kalahea, we are the student-run news publication of UH Hilo. We cover everything from campus events to national politics. If it affects students in any way, we’re on it.

We’ve got a few treats in store for our first issue of the year. One of our returning writers shares a tale of learning about yourself in a far-off country. We have a special submission from the counseling services here on campus. And we have an exclusive interview with Heather Kimball, currently running for State Senate.

So mahalo for reading, and as always, feel free to stop by our office here in Campus Center 202A. We can’t be the voice of the students if you don’t talk to us.

-Nick Carrion
Editor in Chief, Ke Kalahea

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