Dorm Intruder is the Only 'Major Incident' For Campus Security So Far This Semester

Vehicle theft also a concern

Staff Writer: Sasha Kauwale

Campus Security hasn’t had a lot of action since COVID-19, with the exception of a dorm intruder recently, the Campus Security director told Ke Kalahea. In that case, Campus Security sent a mass email to faculty, staff and students, alerting them to the fact that a male suspect had tried to enter a dorm room. Two students reported the intruder, but could only offer what Campus Security Director Rick Murray described as a “vague” description. Campus Security alerted the campus community because the suspect hadn’t been apprehended or identified, according to Murray.

That incident, dubbed “unauthorized entry” on the Campus Security log, was the only reported “major” incident in the month of September, Murray said.

There were other reports of alcohol, marijuana, and theft s, but they weren’t more than typical, he added, noting those are three most commonly reported crimes on the UHH campus. According to the daily campus crime log, there have been at least 20 reported crimes in the 2020 calendar year, with one being a rape case reported in one of the dormitories in January. Other major incidents this year included a couple of vehicle thefts, one in October from the Institute for Astronomy and another in May on the main campus, both at 4 a.m. Murray said the most commonly stolen vehicles include: Toyota Corollas, Nissan Altimas, Toyota Camrys, Ford pickups (Full-size), Honda Accords and Honda Civics. Half of the reports to Campus Security this calendar year involved marijuana in the dormitories. Six Campus Security guards are typically scheduled to patrol campus per shift , but that number varies, based “vacation, sick and COVID leave.” Murray expressed that, overall, there have been fewer incident reports since COVID-19. The university’s federally reported crime statistics indicated a continual decrease in liquor law violations between 2016 and 2018 (2016 (60), 2017 (56) and 2018 (34). There was a slight increase in on-campus drug abuse violations between 2016 and 2018 (2016 (14), 2017 (4) and 2018 (18)). Due to COVID, the reporting of the official numbers for campus crimes has been postponed until January 2021, according to Murray. “The 2019 numbers have to be rechecked and verifi ed before they are officially reported.” Murray said.

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