Department of Communication

Communication is an inextricable dimension of our daily lives, at the core of who we are and what we do at all levels. Yet few people on the planet ever have the luxury of slowing down long enough to study and reflect upon human communication processes and dynamics. Those who are able to take the time to do this stand to benefit themselves, those around them, and the larger environment. Here at UH-Hilo we have a Department of Communication that is ready to be your bridge to this world of knowledge and experience.

Want to know more about issues and possibilities that arise when social media heavily penetrate our lives? If so, how about studying the social media with Dr. Zheng An, who recently completed her Ph. D. in the highly respected Annenberg School of Communication at the University of Southern California. Want to study the effects of the electronic media in general on individuals, groups, and cultures? Then a media impact course with Dr. Steve Miura will be of value. Want to take a course with a nationally recognized small group communication theorist and researcher? Dr. Randy Hirokawa is ready for you. Concerned about issues of social change in these troubled times, or gender and culture? Dr. Jing Yin has you covered.

Since communicating across cultural di erences is such a vital part of life in the 21st century, how about a course with intercultural communication scholar Dr. Yoshitaka Miike? Thinking of going into the health professions? If so, your education would be incomplete without a health communication class from Dr. Rayna Morel. Interested in thinking about how you’re being in uenced and manipulated in daily life? A course in persuasion from Professor Iva Goldman would be apropos, or how about her popular class in nonverbal communication? Want to write for the electronic andprint media? A course in media writing with Patsy Iwasaki will be of definite value.

Need to upgrade your face-to-face interpersonal communication knowledge and skills? Try one of Dr. Ron Gordon’s courses in listening or dialogue. Do you prefer online classes? Then how about Dr. Catherine Becker’s leadership course, or her highly relevant communication and sustainability class? Want to reduce your fears of public speaking? A course with Bill Loewenstein can help. Going into the world of business? If so, a course in professional communication with Anne Miller makes good sense.

Today’s employers are on the lookout for graduates who possess communication knowledge and competence, and the world-at-large needs such people. At UHH we have a group of dedicated communication scholars and teachers who passionately care about the quality of human commu- nication in all of its myriad forms. For further information, contact any of the faculty above, or department chair Dr. Jing Yin at .