Bike Share Updates

CSO Spending Priorities Committee meets to talk about allocating resources towards various the on-campus bike share program options presented

Illustration of a bicycleGraphic Artist: Estreya Enquist

Associate Editor Clara Scheidle

In our last issue, Ke Kalahea addressed the concerns surrounding the two possible bike programs being offered on campus. This topic has been handed to the Chartered Student Organization (CSO) Spending Priorities Committee for further discussion and consideration. UH Hilo Student Association (UHHSA) President Michael Taylor met with Ke Kalahea again this week to relay the information he learned and gathered during the most recent CSO Spending Priorities Committee meeting on Oct. 17.

He told Ke Kalahea that Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Farrah-Marie Gomes , attended this meeting in order to help clarify some questions about the PATH bike station. She told the committee that there was no spending cap on what they could pledge to the PATH bikes, as well as no minimum.

“So we could spend as little as $200 or as much as the full $25,000,” Taylor says. Before they make a decision, there are many more things that they want to consider. “What I’m having the UHHSA senators do now, after we develop a little survey at the Thursday meeting on Oct. 24, is to reach out to their students and see what they think of support for the UH Hilo Bike Share program or what they think about having a PATH bike share program.”

This topic is still in discussion, and our readers can expect to get continuous notice when updates occur.