Ask Aunty (Spring 2017, Jan 17)

Q. How should I handle the stresses of incoming projects and exams? - Stressed College Student

A. Mahalo for your question, Stressed College Student. My best advice is to take one thing at a time one day at a time. Start working on projects as early as possible, so when the due date gets close you aren’t as surprised or stressed by it. Same thing with tests: study a little day by day, and while it might not feel like you’re doing much, you’ll be able to remember the information longer. This certainly works better than cramming the night before and hoping to remember everything you need to pass the test. Good luck for this semester, hopefully all goes well!

Q. Can you guys write an article about me? - Anonymous

A. Aloha! If you or anyone has a subject that should be in the paper, you can come by our office and we can see what the best course of action is for your topic. A writer may be assigned to work alongside you, or we may offer you the opportunity to submit a contributing article. Suggestions can also be sent to us at Hope this helps!

Q. Why rain every time? - Anonymous

A. I feel this is a soulful question that’s probably looking for some other answer besides the obviously science-y one. To be perfectly honest, it think it’s Hilo’s way of getting us college students to head over to Kona side, or at least to stay inside and sleep in before we get cracking on our homework.

Q. Is soda bad? - Anonymous

A. Well, that depends on how much you consume. Too much of any one thing is never good. If you’re just drinking soda in moderation then you should be fine. If you always find yourself with a soda in your hand, there might be a problem with that. I would recommend doing some more research on the particular soda(s) you drink frequently, since they contain different ingredients, or similar ingredients in differing quantities.

Q. Who is the next president? - Anonymous

A. The person taking office on Friday is for sure going to be President-elect Donald Trump. After that, who knows? Maybe Harambe will get the chance, rest his soul. After all, he did get over 15,000 write-in votes this past election. Or, perhaps Bernie Sanders will run again - and will probably be unopposed, since Hillary Clinton has failed to earn the presidency twice now. We’ll just have to sit patiently and see what happens - and if we need to stand up then so be it, we will stand.

Q. How do we get Obama back? - Anonymous

A. Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s possible. We should just enjoy the last few days he has left in office, and hope and pray that Trump isn’t the crazy man he plays on TV.