An Anthology for a Threatened Planet

UH Hilo students compile short stories into e-book to combat climate change

Editor-in-Chief Peter Holden Chao
Image Courtesy of Cover Artist Zoey Whitney

Anthology for a Threatened Planet book cover - Design by Zoe Whitney

The launch event for the e-book “An Anthology for a Threatened Planet: The Tides are Changing… Ride the Wave” was held on Oct. 4 in Campus Center, celebrating the achievement of the UH Hilo students who wrote a collection of 13 climate-themed stories. The anthology is being sold for on Amazon for $3 and benefits the Young Voices for the Planet program.

Author of “The Journal of Emalia Lononui,” Kim Kamala used journal entries written to her future granddaughter to describe a changing Hawaiʻi, one with walls blocking the sea and major climate tragedies. She told Ke Kalahea, “I wanted to emphasize the fact that we have a history. I wanted to make a connection to my kupunas. What am I going to do? How am I going to affect my grandchild someday?”

Student and author Tynsl Kailimai wrote the short story, “Plus-One: Fireball,” a story of a disaster after a disastrous first date. Kailimai said, “I wanted to push it to the limits and be drastic about the critical idea of what climate change can do, like the possibilities of the results and effects. I went with the sci-fi end for my story.”

“As a group we learned a lot about climate change and we realized this can only be changed by young people. When we did the class reading there was an emotional theme that really spoke to us,” Editor Kai Gaitley told Ke Kalahea. “If we get one other teacher to take this class on, or we get one other student to see it the same way we did, then we’ve achieved it. That was the inspiration.”

The e-book “An Anthology for a Threatened Planet: The Tides are Changing… Ride the Wave” can be found at