A Scholarship for the Future

Kamehameha Schools offers Teaching Scholarship through UH Hilo, Creating a better future for Hawaii

Writer: Nick Wagner, Associate Editor

Through the Kamehameha schools, local residents of Hawaii can find an abundance of financial aid when wondering how to pay for their college education. While still being able to provide aid to those in need, they also have affected how the future of Hawaii will grow, as they have targeted their scholarships at not only helping the students in need, but also putting the interests of future learners of Hawaiian culture first. In order to do this, the Kamehameha schools have created a scholarship for University students called the Ho’okawowo scholarship. It is geared toward educators of Hawaii, and is available to those seeking an education in Hawaiian-Culture. “We are acknowledging the teacher shortage here in Hawaii, and are trying to help in supporting Hawaii, the education received in Hawaii, as well as the culture of Hawaii,” said Maile Cluney who is the Sr. Manager of Kamehameha schools. She stresses that the purpose of the scholarship is to bring light to the education that Hawaiian children receive and how there is a need for more teachers throughout the state of Hawaii, while also stressing that the hard-working educators within the education system don’t get enough credit for what they do and for the creation of this scholarship.

Through the creators of the scholarship we have learned of the significance and purpose of the scholarship. But what does the word “Ho’okawowo” mean? Why is this name so significant to the purpose of the scholarship’s creation? “The world is Hawaiian based, and signifies the early plant stage when the seed opens up, a new beginning. Or when the trunk is forming,” said Manewei Peters, project manager of the Kamehameha Schools organization, as he explained to me the significance of the name itself in relation to the scholarship. He added that the specific aid provided by Kamehameha Schools helps to “seed the future generation of Hawaii.”

Students unfortunately, have missed their deadline to receive support for the fall semester, but as Ms. Cluney and Mr. Peters assured students have plenty of time to apply for the spring semester scholarships, as their general application opened on Oct. 1 and will run until Jan. 15, giving students ample time to receive aid through Kamehameha.

Aside from the three scholarships specific to learning and Hawaiian Culture, students are also able to apply for the Pauahi Foundation and ‘Imi Na‘auao scholarships. The first of the two offers both graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to receive aid through 116 different scholarships. The Pauahi scholarship application will be available starting Dec. 21, and continuing through Jan. 29 of the next spring semester.

They also state on their site that “each scholarship has unique eligibility criteria such as letters of recommendation, essays or artist portfolios, and Student Aid Report may be additional requirements for some scholarships along with the required online application.”

These scholarships range from pre-school through 12th grade, and all the way through college as well. Cluney and Peters both stress the importance of spreading awareness not only to the college community, but also to the young residents of Hawaii. Through the Ho’okawowo scholarship and the many others that the Kamehameha schools offer, they show how important they believe it is for the education of Hawaiian Culture to grow and to be revived once again through the learning and teaching of the young Hawaiian generation.

The following is an infographic designed to make it easy for UH Hilo students and community to easily access the list of scholarships and financial aid opportunities that Kamehameha schools offers.
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Infographic image describing how to apply for the teaching scholarship offered by Kamehameha schools.

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