There's Something About Campus Security

New uniforms raise eyebrows

News Writer Lexi Smiley

Photographer Adrienne Gurbindo

Many students at UH Hilo have noticed that the security guards around campus are looking different lately - mainly that they have new uniforms. Questions have been raised as to why such a change was necessary. Is there new management? Were the old uniforms just getting old? Are there brand new security guards so they felt the need to get all new uniforms?

New Uniforms for new Security

People may be thinking of multiple explanations about why there are new uniforms.

Many students were interviewed about their thoughts about the new uniforms and there were a couple different ideas.

“I think maybe they got new uniforms to look more official. Not going to lie, when I first saw them I honestly thought they were Boy Scouts. The new uniforms give a more official look.” - Junior Sophie Satterlee

“Maybe they are under new management or something. Often times when a new person becomes manager a lot of things will change, like uniforms maybe. If it’s not a change of management the I believe it was simply because their old uniforms were just getting old.” - Sophomore Kevin Collard

“I think they got new uniforms because they wanted new ones. Maybe they were just sick of the same old uniforms and thought it was time for a change. Not going to lie, I didn’t even really know we had security guards on campus because I’ve never really noticed before. Now that I know they have some cool new uniforms though, I’ll definitely keep an eye out for them.” - Junior Milana Wolsleben

“I think the security guards got new uniforms simply because their old ones were…old.” - Junior Terra Carden

Most of the students questioned about the change of uniforms came to the same conclusion, that the previous uniforms were just getting old and needed new ones. They were correct. Going straight to the source, Ke Kalahea spoke with one of the security guards - under condition of anonymity - and addressed students’ questions about the new uniforms. “We are contract security, and the contract simply changed hands,” the guard said.

When asked if this had to do with a change of management, he said, “There is the same management, just different uniforms… We do have some new guys, though.”