The Class of 2020

Students to Recite Oath of a Pharmacist

News Writer Nick Carrion

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UH Hilo’s Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy (DKICP) is preparing for the perennial tradition of holding an oath-swearing for its newest class, meant as a symbol of holding students to the highest educational and ethical standards. This will take place on October 16, when 80 incoming students will take the Oath of a Pharmacist and start on their journey towards graduation, residency, and beyond. The event, which is open to the public and will be held at the Performing Arts Center, includes remarks from a former U.S. Assistant Surgeon General, Rear Admiral Scott Giberson.

Also being recognized are three recent UH Hilo graduates, who will remain in Hawai‘i for their residencies. Aryn You, Nicole Young, and Bryce Fukunaga share some of their insights and experiences with the next generation of pre-pharmacy students.

Aryn You

Aryn You

Tell us a little about your residency.

“This residency allows me to get experience in many areas in hospital pharmacy and also a little of ambulatory care and academia. We go through different rotations such as acute care, critical care, inpatient, quality, infectious disease, academia and ambulatory care. Also, we work on various projects throughout the year.”

Bryce Fukunaga

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What led you to pursuing pharmacy in the first place?

“I first became interested in pharmacy at a young age because my father is a pharmacist and my mother worked in a pharmacy. I was always interested in health care and since my parents were and still are such great role models, I decided to pursue a career in pharmacy as they did.”

Nicole Young

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What preconceptions did you have as a pre-pharmacy student about your chosen profession?

“I thought pharmacy consisted of just community pharmacy or research, and I found out that I was very wrong! There are pharmacists in so many areas of practice like ambulatory care, health insurance, law, compounding, long-term care, antimicrobial stewardship, acute care, and I could go on and on! Pharmacists have a very wide range of practice and are important in many aspects of healthcare.”